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A native of San Leandro, California, Bob started painting to help with insomnia.


Simply-structured patterns of primary colors dominated his early works. Later, hiking, camping and travel led to more plein air paintings.


Two of Bob’s paintings became the subjects for utility box beautification projects commissioned by the City of San Leandro located in The Village shopping center.  His third utility box beautification project was commissioned by the City of Pleasanton. Titled "The Most Pleasant Hills," the utility box can be found at the corner of Sunol Boulevard and Mission Drive.


The Cooler pub located in the heart of downtown San Leandro commissioned Bob to paint a simple mural inside the front of their pub. Titled “Beer Palate,” the mural represents 204 glasses: 51 each of small, medium, large narrow and Belgian-style drinking glasses. The color of the glasses represent different styles of beers. The four different colors from lightest to darkest represent blondes and tripels, ambers and wheats, reds and browns and finally porter and stouts, respectively. The mural took about thirty hours to paint. Fun fact, Bob didn't take any money for the work, but did accept beer.

Today, Bob still focuses on bright colors and still takes his travel paints with him on vacations.


A technology evangelist by trade and holding over 100 patents in the field of haptics, Bob graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in English Literature.

Robert W. Heubel

About the Artist

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