Past Exhibitions:

Solo Show

  San Leandro Public Library

  San Leandro, CA

Devil in the Details

  Solo Show

  The Cooler, San Leandro, CA

Landscapes & Mindscapes

  Solo Show

  The Cooler, San Leandro, CA

Trilogy of Spirit

  Group Show

  Miyazaki Bath House

  Walnut Grove, CA

Solo Show

  Zocolo Coffeehouse

  San Leandro, CA

Solo Show

  Sabino's Coffee Shop

  San Leandro, CA

Robert W. Heubel


Born in San Leandro, California, 1967

1986 - 1987 U.C. Santa Barbara

  Emphasis: Electrical Engineering

1988 - 1989 U.C. Berkeley

  Emphasis: English Literature

1993 - 1994 S.F. City College

  Emphasis: Fine Art Printmaking

1999 - 2017 Tech Evangelist & Inventor

  Emphasis: Haptics

2018 - Present Game Developer

  Emphasis: Robots & Donuts Mobile Game

© 2018 by Robert W. Heubel

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